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@Benetech will manufacture and supply only quality China glass machinery to the world!

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Tempered Glass, PVB & SGP Laminated Glass, IGU, Silk Screen printed Glass, Jumbo size glass
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Product                                     Specification  Price              Package  Grade                                               

clear tempered lamianted glass13.52 SGP     500yuan/sqm crates    first grade

clear tempered lamianted glass17.52 SGP      550yuan/sqm crates   first grade

clear tempered laminated glass21.52 SGP      650yuan/sqm crates    first grade

IGU6LOWE+12A+6                                         245yuan/sqm  crates    first grade

Silk Screen Printed Glass19mm                      330yuan/sqm  crates     first grade

clear tempered glass15mm                            160yuan/sqm  crates     first grade

clear tempered glass19mm                             200yuan/sqm  crates    first grade

clear tempered glaminated glass10.76 PVB    150yuan/sqm   crates   first grade

clear tempered glamianted glass11.52 PVB    170yuan/sqm   crates   first grade

clear tempered glass13.52 PVB                        200yuan/sqm   crates   first grade

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