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@Benetech will manufacture and supply only quality China glass machinery to the world!

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Expert BENETECH staff will be only too pleased to discuss your equipment requirements and assist you in making the correct choice. 

Design & construction

BENETECH takes pride in its ability to think out of the"square"and be able to offer its client, design features to specifically suit their requirements. The rapid advance in technology hasn't passed BENETECH by, and we are confident in meeting all design and construction specifications.

Repair & maintenance

BENETECH carry a large stock of spare parts for all of the machinery that we supply as well as for the machinery of many other manufacturers even for European producers such as Z.Bavelloni,Bottero,Intermac,Bovone Tamglass,Uniglass etc. BENETECH have qualified and experienced technicians repair and maintain its complete range of equipments throughout the world. We are pleasure to offer the services worldwide at any hour through telephone and internet. 

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