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Glass Bevelling Machine-Bearing type
  • Glass Bevelling Machine-Bearing type
Glass Bevelling Machine-Bearing type

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Glass Straight-line Beveling Machine- Bearing type 

BXM371B glass straight-line beveling machine is a multi-functional model developed by our company, in accordance with the needs of the market, gathering various advantages of foreign hypotenuse series models. 

1. Convection adopts the rolling bearings structure. Glass transmission smoothly, processing speed quickly, quality stably, processing range widely. It is for processing various beveled edge or bottom edge of flat glass or lenses. The minimum size of glass can be 25mm×25mm. The largest hypotenuse is up to 60mm width.

2. Using PLC control system, automatic and manual conversion. Man-machine interface clearly shows that the glass thickness, hypotenuse width and angle, the remaining glass thickness and various parameters, such as processing speed. Transmission speed use variable frequency adjustment.

3. It is equipped with 11 grinding wheels. And motors are of international quality special for grinding wheels, with strong force and superior performance. 

Model No.                         BXM371B

Quantity of grinding heads 11

Min size of glass size          25*25mm

Max beveling width          60mm

Beveling angle                  0-45°

Grinding speed                  0.5-6m/min

Glass thickness                  3-20mm

Total power                          28.5Kw

Weight                                  6500kg

Dimension                          7500*1500*2600mm


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