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Glass Shape Edging Machine
  • Glass Shape Edging Machine
  • Glass Shape Edging Machine
  • Glass Shape Edging Machine
Glass Shape Edging Machine

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Model BSE1321 Single-Arm Glass Shape Edging Machine  

Model BSE1321 is suitable for round, oval and shape glass beveling, edging and polishing, different shape edge according to different grinding wheels. With high powered chamfering grinder and vacuum case, the grinding speed is advanced. It can grind simple shape glass automatically but complicate shape glass manually. This model is processed than past model and it promote accuracy of flywheel, so that it can guarantee accuracy of grinding. The special is that it avoids occurring diastema when the worm shaft is running continuously as it has added brake into. Then it reduces shaking when grinding and make it more effective.

   Maximum diameter:             Φ100-Φ2100mm

   Thickness of glass:                3-30mm

   Oblique angles:                     0°-15°

   Speed of the spinning disc:  0.5-2.5r/min

   Speed of the satellite disc:   1.2-6r/min

   Power:                                   about 4kw 

   Weight:                                 about1000kg


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