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@Benetech will manufacture and supply only quality China glass machinery to the world!

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Bottero spare parts
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Bottero spare parts

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Bottero glass machine parts, Bottero spare parts, spare parts for Battero,Bottero glass beveling machine 910,910P

We can supply some spare parts for glass processing machinery from Italy, China or other countries.

We have spare part for Z. Bavelloni CR1111, VR1114, PR88, MAX60. Alpa
Front and back pad for Bavelloni CR1111, PR88 and other types
Rubber cap for chain of Bavelloni Max60
Conveyor chain for Bavelloni machine
Sucker for loading table

Sucker for CNC machine.

Diamond wheel and polishing wheel are used for Z. Bavelloni VR1114, PR88, CR1111.
Front pad for Z. Bavelloni Gemy 8
Front pad and back pad for Z. Bavelloni TM4
Rubber bellow for Max60
Rubber pad for Max60
For other spare parts, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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