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Glass Tube Cutting Machine
  • Glass Tube Cutting Machine
Glass Tube Cutting Machine

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Automatic Glass Tube Cutting Machine


Operation Process: PLC text control, foolproof operation.

1.Manual tube loading

2.Input the cutting length and quantity, automatic feed

3.Feeding by pneumatic pressure




Dimension: 2000*1100*1000mm; weight 650kg, Power 3KW.


1.Length: 100MM-1500MM(customized)

2.Cutting diameter: Φ1MM-Φ6MM, cutting  length 80-200mm

3.Effect: smooth cutting surface


1.cutting machine: 380 v / 0.85 KW (Delta) Feed motor: 110 type stepping motor (domestic)

Transmission motor: 86 type stepping motor (domestic) screw: HIWIN and TBI (Taiwan)

3.cutting tool bit: wald

4.pneumatic components: AirTAC

5.Electric components: the Great Wall or CHINT products

6.Cover: stainless steel

7.application: Ruilong self design

8.PLC, touch screen, inverter: Delta

9.proportional valve SMC Japan

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