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Glass Bending Oven
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  • Glass Bending Oven
  • Glass Bending Oven
Glass Bending Oven

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Glass melting furnace, Glass Bending Machine, glass fusing furnace with High Temperature 

Our bending/ fusing furnace is improved on the base of bending furnace of single cabinet. We can operate it simply and conveniently.

It is composed of 5 parts: body, power distribution cabinet(2), rail platform and hydraulic pressure lift platform. It is used to process large scale hot bending glass for construction(double glazing) and automobile windshields and bend special shape glass of small batches production.

The structure is single cavity steel weld, covered with heating insulation material. It can charge and discharge glass with moving loading platform. This platform can move not only horizontally but also vertically with hydraulic pressure lift platform. In working course, (closing the bed of furnace)we can also adjust the position of glass freely in furnace. There are windows around the furnace for watching and adjusting convenience.

In order to reduce the loss and use energy fully we install electric heating component element above the furnace horizontal and vertically. Furnace roof in cavity can be vertically and horizontally direction and is composed of electrothermal element All the elements are composed of independent controlling switch.

Cabinets and Size can be ordered, please contact us  [email protected]


Our primary glass machinery are as follows:

1),Glass Tempering furnace/ Glass bending(fusing) furnace/ Glass laminating oven etc

2),Tempered Glass Heat Soak Furnace

3),Glass Straight-Line Edging Machine

4),Glass Miter Edging Machine

5),Glass Straight-line Beveling Machine

6),Glass Double Edging Machine

7),Glass Round Edging Machine

8),Insulating Glass Machine

9),Glass Shape Edging Machine

10),Glass Horizontal Drilling Machine

11),Glass Horizontal Washing Machine

12),Glass vertical washing machine

13),Glass Sandblasting Machine

14),Glass vertical drilling machine

15),Glass protective film machine

16),CNC Control Irregular Shape Cutting Line

17),Suction cups

18),Other relevant equipments,glass tools and machines' services.

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