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Glass IR heater machine
  • Glass IR heater machine
  • Glass IR heater machine
  • Glass IR heater machine
  • Glass IR heater machine
Glass IR heater machine

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Glass IR heater machine, glass heating oven

The horizontally structured machine is for applying to drying the paint after glass coating, silk screen etc by IR heaters. This machine is structured in horizontal type by roller convection, composing of charging section, drying section, discharging section. The drying section has 4 observation windows, which is convenient to check inside state. There will be an flashing alarm since the glass conveyed to the discharging section and it will stop until the worker unload this glass and clear the alarm. Two stop switches are installed on the front and back of the machine incase any emergency stop. The machine is working stable and easy operation, which is good equipment for glass drying. 

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