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Back pads for China edger
  • Back pads for China edger
  • Back pads for China edger
Back pads for China edger

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  • time : 2022.07.04


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Back pads for China Enkong, Fushan edging machine.

Our each distribution office can supply various of spare parts and glass tools for other Chinese glass equipments even some European Glass machinery if you need, the range for example: 

Z.Bavelloni BotteroIntermacBovone

Janbac             Zafferani        FMF
Zanetti               Sommer & Maca                    Baudin
Besana              Metral                Lovati
Fushan              Yinjing               Deway          Enkong
Suntech             Beijiang             Northglass    Linshi

For other spare parts, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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