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Silicone Extruder

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BST01 Silicone Extruder


Functions and Features:
1.It is composed of raw material pump, solidification pharmaceutical pump, proportional pump, sealant-mixture system, hydraulic pressure system, electric system and so on.
2.Raw material pump, solidification pharmaceutical pump and proportional pump adopt the special high-pressure filling pump and the materials can be supported equivalently in two-way. The raw material pump is compelled by the hydraulic pressure system while the solidification pharmaceutical pump is compelled by the pneumatic motor.
3.There are high-pressure valves in the underpants entrance of solidification pharmaceutical filter and material-feeding place of the mixing device and one-way valve is set in the mixing device so as to prevent two-components from fleeing each other.
4.Rising and falling system is controlled by hand valve and the proportion of the two-components can be changed by adjusting the slipper in the swinging pole. Tightening the nut once the demanding scale is reached.

Technical Parameter:
Mixing ration proportion of mixture:                                              6:1-14:1

Raw material barrel:                                                                      55Gallon(200L)
Solidification pharmaceutical barrel:                                            5Gallon(20L)
Max.air-consumption volume:                                                      0.5m3/min

Max.squeeze pressure:                                                                20Mpa
Air source presure:                                                                       0.5-0.8Mpa

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