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Space bar Cutting Machine
  • Space bar Cutting Machine
Space bar Cutting Machine

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  • time : 2022.09.06


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BQJ01 Space bar Cutting Machine


Functions and Features:
The machine is special equipment that cuts aluminum bars according to fixed dimension in the production line of aluminum groove type hollow glass. The cutting saw web is mounted in the middle of the machine. this machine is equipped with a fixed dimension device to be capable of moving freely. Aluminum bars can be cut to desirable length.

Technical Parameter:

Power Voltage:                                                   220V 50Hz

Power:                                                                 1.67Kw

Work height:                                                        874mm

In bunker length:                                                 3055mm

Out bunker length:                                              3015mm

Dimension:                                                         6520x380x1400mm

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