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Glass EVA Laminating oven
  • Glass EVA Laminating oven
  • Glass EVA Laminating oven
Glass EVA Laminating oven

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  • time : 2022.09.14


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Glass EVA Laminating oven with Lifting platform

According vacuum bag principle, it is joint glass with EVA films through heating and vacuuming the glass to make laminated glass.

The baking furnace functions with horizontal wind vertically and low heat consumption. The furnace is heated in equilibrium comparatively .It wall made of quality rock wool and aluminum silicate brocade can preserve heat.

Vacuum beds joint with good quality and endurable silicone sheet.

Its electric cabinet is reasonable in design and easy to operate by presetting in one step.

It can be used make laminated glass and glmerocryst paint baked.

Space-saving: glass can be put on vacuum bed freely and is not subject to its shape and thickness.

The machine can be ordered following customers' glass sizes. More information, please contact us.


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