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Glass PVB Laminating Line
  • Glass PVB Laminating Line
Glass PVB Laminating Line

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Safety Glass Laminating Production Line

Laminated glass is made of two or more pieces of glass panes, which are laminated with PVB interlayer under high temperature and high pressure. Laminated glass processing line is necessary equipment for construction glass, decoration glass, wind-screening glass and bulletproof glass. This line includes different equipment such as Washing & Drying Machine, Glass Laminator. Roll Squeezer and Autoclave. Two Control Systems are optional: Center Computer Control System and Independent Section Control System, either of which is reliable in quality and the function.

Technical Parameters:

1. Max. Glass processing size: 10000x3000mm;

Min. glass processing size: 420 x420mm

2.Glass thickness: 6-60mm (up to 100mm at most) 

3.Equipment configuration: most rational configuration according to customer requirements 

4. Total power: above 500KW (including Air tank: 65KW, Dehumidifier: 55KW)

5. Air pressure: Autoclave: 1.3-1.5Mpa, others: 0.6-0.8Mpa

6.The model comes with many optional specifications. Please contact us for details.


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