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Glass Belt Wet Grinder
  • Glass Belt Wet Grinder
  • Glass Belt Wet Grinder
  • Glass Belt Wet Grinder
Glass Belt Wet Grinder

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  • time : 2022.09.08


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Glass Belt Wet Grinding machine BBE2015

As a rough grinding equipment,this machine is used for rough grinding and chamfering the raw sheet glass of different size after being cut. In that case, the raw glass won’t hurt working persons. It is equipped with water pump and tank. For reasonable structure,simple and convenient operation ,it is suitable for all kinds of glass-processing factory.

Technical Parameters:

Dimension of platform:           1000 x800mm

Speed of belt:              630m/min

Thickness:                                3-25mm

Width of belt               50mm

Power consumption:         1.65Kw


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